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The five elements in high performing website design for orthopaedic surgeons 

 Article covers (1) Practice Strategy (2) Patient needs (3) Being found on Google (4) Best practice (5) Conversion
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Article researched from over fifty Medical Practice Managers and owners in Australia by:

David DouglasDavid Douglas

Director – Medical Website Solutions | Head of Health Marketing.
Over 15 years of website and online marketing experience.

Exceptional surgical website design should deliver the following:

Saving valuable time

Reduce daily repetitive tasks

Reduce running costs

Streamline your practice

Increase appointments

Convert more patients

Improve patient care

Better communication

High Performing Website Design for Surgeons

A website design for surgeons that performs well is driven from these five perspectives:

  1. Supports your practice’s strategy
  2. Meets your patient’s needs
  3. Your services must be found on Google.
  4. Meets international website best practice standards for surgeons
  5. Conversion – Leads the website user to contact you.

Websites that are not designed taking into account the these five perspectives tend to perform poorly.
(e.g. high bounce rates, low time on site, low pages per visit and poor conversion rates).
Source – Forbes.

1. Your website should support your practice’s strategy

A surgical practice strategy involves developing long-term actions that will differentiate it from its competitors and lay the foundation for success. It takes into consideration the current position of the practice with respect to its capabilities and the environment in which it operates.

How should your website support your strategy

Your website should tell potential patients:

(1) Who you are (2) What you do (3) Why should they use your physiotherapy services

You can achieve this by including on your website:

  • Academic qualifications

  • Years your practice has been in business

  • Years of medical experience

  • Membership affiliations

  • Present or past positions held

  • Speciality areas of expertise

  • Approach to surgery and patient care.

Your strategic plan may outline how you attract patients to your website and how you capture, diagnose, treat and care for them whilst they are under your care.

2. Surgeon Website Design – Your website must meet your patient’s needs

Here are some key online statistics for surgeons:

(1) There are over 5,500 searches per month in Australia for keyword “Knee Surgeon” and “Hip Surgeon”.
Source: Google Ads Search Data 2020.

(2) 79% of people who don’t like what they find on your website will search your competitor’s website.
Source: Impact – Joe Rinaldi 2018.

Effective website design for surgeons is based on the ability to connect, build trust and ultimately convert a website browser into a patient.

This process is highly dependent on how relevant your website’s content is to the potential patient.

There are many factors that affect the usability of a website.

Mapping out these steps is crucial to the success of your website.

Web Design for Orthopaedic Surgeons - Best practice advice

To optimise your information – Map out your ideal patient:

  • Where do they live?

  • What income and education level do they have?

  • What information are they looking for?

  • Why should they trust you?

  • What problems are your patients looking to overcome?

  • What is their ideal outcome from your medical services?

Your website should  leave the following impression on a potential patient:

“I’m in a safe, caring, experienced medical professionals’ hands who is up to date with the most recent medical research, procedures, technology treatments and surgical procedures.”

Surgeon Website Design

To ensure your website helps solve your practice and patient’s needs

We ensure your website delivers your practice needs by:

  • Using patient research – “What do patients want from their Orthopaedic Surgeon’s website.”

  • Incorporate local, national and international website best practice

  • Undertake a business analysis of your practice, your target market and your local competitors

  • Defines and pushes your practice’s unique strengths and expertise that will benefit your patients

  • Successfully promoting your practice – Is found in major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

  • Builds and enhances your reputation as a surgical professional
  • Educating your patients on about your surgical processes  

  • Is stunning, persuasive, helpful and easy to use

  • Delivering results – Saves time, reduces running costs, improves income and patient care

“Most practices we work with see 12% to 36% rise in patient numbers.”

3. Your practice’s services must be found on Google

Here are the statistics why being found on a Google search is so important:

95% of internet searches in Australia are performed on Google.

Source: – 2019.

Being found in Top 5 positions on a Google search

The below table shows the potential traffic a website receives in relation to being found in the top 5 positions on a Google search

Source: – 2020.

Google search results Average traffic share
Number 1 position 30%
Number 2 position 15%
Number 3 position 10%
Number 4 position 6%
Number 5 position 5%

The importance of being found on Google searches

The above table indicates:

  • The number 1 (first) position on a Google search will potentially attract 30% of website traffic.

  • The number 2 (second) position on a Google search means a website will potentially attract only 15% of website traffic.

Search engine optimisation is vital for practices in terms of attracting potential patients.

There are over 200 factors that contribute to ranking a website for a keyword or topic. How this could potentially work for your practice needs careful attention and expertise.

“Your medical practice’s website must achieve these three things:
(1) Look exceptional, (2) Perform brilliantly, (3) Deliver results.
Our team of digital marketing professionals will work hard to accomplish that for you.”

 David Douglas – Director at Medical Website Solutions | Head of Health Marketing.

4. International surgical website best practice standards

People quickly judge your surgical practice based on your website.

A dated website look and feel, old information, social media accounts that have not been used in months all reflect poorly on your practice.

Website design heavily impacts your credibility, conversions and contributes heavily to the success of your practice.

77% of agencies say that a poor website design is the most significant weakness of their clients.
Source: 2020.

Surgeon web design – Best practice elements

Numerous factors contribute to design an exceptional website including:

  • Patients want information quickly so:

    Use headings & bullet points
    Keep text brief & to the point

  • An image is worth a thousand words

    Use relevant images that enhance your surgical services

  • Simplify your navigation using the 3 click rule

    All information on your website should be found within 3 clicks

  • Ensure your website looks great on mobile devices

    Over 50% of searches are now conducted on mobile devices

  • Ensure your website pages load within 3 seconds

    Otherwise your potential patient may go to your competitors

  • Meet Ahpra Advertising guidelines

    Your website must adhere to the Medical Board of Australia’s Guidelines for Advertising of Regulated Health Services.

Surgery Consult

There is a very high level of competition in the orthopaedic surgery field in Australia. If potential patients are not happy with your website’s navigation, copy, user experience they will leave your site and search your competitors.

5. Converting website visitors into patients

What part does conversion play on your website?


A 1% – 3% increase in patients per month is a 12% – 36% increase in patients per year!

Building trust in your physiotherapy services and providing key information to a potential patient during their online search opens up the opportunity to capture their details and follow up their enquiries.

The patient capture process may include:

  • Email sign up

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Latest research and treatments

  • Treatment aids

  • Case studies

  • Videos

  • Info-graphs

  • Click to call & online chat

Your website design needs to lead and show potential patients the next step.

After spending time reading about your services, experience and approach to care –

Give your website visitors simple choices:

  • Ensure your website is easy to navigate and find information

  • Eliminate distractions on your website design

  • Make it easy for website visitors to make a decision

  • Have a great call to action.

A simple or meaningful call to action is essential to help potential patients make the most important step – Contacting you.

A contextual “call to action” may help increase conversions – This one increased enquiries by 22% for one of our clients.

Surgeon Website Design - Call to action

Exceptional website results come from knowing

  • Your practice’s strategy

  • Patient needs

  • Physiotherapy website best practice

  • Being found on Google searches

  • Conversion principals

David Douglas

———-“Our strategic approach to website design for surgeons has delivered great results for the vast majority of medical practices we work with!

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me personally.”

David Douglas – Medical Website Solutions


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