Make your practice’s website your most powerful marketing tool

Marketing has changed and most medical practices are struggling to come to terms with it!

So, how do you make your practice’s website your most powerful marketing tool and why should you bother?

How potential patients find you has changed significantly in the last five years…

Up to 90% of people will check your website before contacting you!

Hubspot Marketing 2018

Make your practice's website your most powerful marketing tool

How successful website and online marketing works is getting more complex everyday.

For example:

Search Engine Optimisation – There are over 50 factors to consider when you look to optimise a single page on your website. Each of these 50 factors may have another two or three important items to consider. Adding to this Google now makes an estimated 500-600 changes to its algorithm a year that may affect the traffic that your website receives. Research by Moz 2015.

Social Media – 65% of practices are now using it. Do you have a plan in place to:

  • Meet your practice’s strategic needs
  • Highlight the content you want to post for the next 6-12 months
  • Manage a crisis or a risk management response
  • Map of where now and where you want to be in 12 months
  • Outline your social media budget?
  • Choose what social media platforms you will use?
  • Identify your target audience?
  • Grow your social media following?
  • Outline the resources such as time and person power needed?
  • Measure and report on your success or areas for improvement?

Social media and medical practices

Then there are another host of other advertising mediums to consider including:

  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing – Google, Yahoo and Bing (display and banner advertising)
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Billboards
  • Direct mail
  • Flyers
  • Signage

advertising media

Gone are the days…

Of placing an ad in/on a newspaper, magazine, radio or television without a website address. All marketing material these days lead to a website. What does your website say about your medical practice?

Here is where your problems start

Attracting more patients – It’s the classic what comes first….the chicken or the egg?

Do you use your time to service your current patients which brings in income or do you take time out of your practice to concentrate on your marketing efforts to attract more patients.

And so the chicken or the egg debate begins adding to your stress. The facts are:

  1. You need a constant stream of patients
  2. Competition is growing
  3. Costs of running a practice are on the rise
  4. Which of your marketing efforts are going to give you the best return on investment?
  5. What are the 10 key factors in great medical website design?

View trends medical industry research and trends for 2015.

What comes first chicken or the egg

What if you could have your marketing efforts optimised for you?

What if your marketing efforts could deliver a constant stream of new quality patients without taking away your time seeing patients and generating income.

Here are three alarming statistics:

1. 10% of your patients will naturally leave your practice every year. 
Why – They move out of your local area –
Australian Bureau of Statistics

2. A further 10% of patients leave your practice every year because of perceived poor service.
Why – They feel your services have not met their expectations – Fairfield Consulting 2016.

3. On top of that another 10% of patients leave your practice because they don’t think you offer that particular service.
Why – Many medical practices simply think, “We have brochures in the waiting room. They should know that we offer that service; they don’t.

This is potentially a 30% loss in patients per year!

Factor in missed appointments, unresolved issues and patients wanting second opinions.

Here is where Medical Website Solutions helps:Automated marketing systems

We work with you to develop and deliver an automated marketing system that attracts your ideal target audience to your website and converts them into patients. We combine our website knowledge with your business strategy and our online marketing expertise to deliver an automated marketing program to help drive patients to your clinic.

We work with your practices strategy to develop an online plan to:

  • Set you up as the authority in your field of expertise
  • Optimise your website and other marketing channels
  • Attract and convert new patients for your practice.

How do we do it

At Medical Website Solutions we are dedicated to providing the best advice, support and solutions to healthcare business and practice owners.

Step 1 – We look at your patient capture funnels to find the opportunities

For most practices there are 7 patient capture funnels that may be used to attract new patients.

Here’s a quick example of a patient capture funnel:

Blue area of the funnel (to the right) – A potential patient is looking for your services and sees an ad in a newspaper which pushes them to your website.
Green – They find your website and search for more information.
Red – They find key information they need in relation to their needs.
Yellow – They contact you to find out the specifics and to ask further questions.
Black – Conversion point – They come in for their first appointment.
Grey – After care and follow up services.

Good practices have seven funnels running at the same time to keep a constant stream of patients flowing into their practice.

Website Sales Funnel

Patient capture funnel.

Your website is the most important patient capture feature

Here’s why:

1) Up to 90% of people will check your website before contacting you!
Hubspot Marketing 2018

Implications: You are hitting 90% of your target audience who are interested in your services!

2) 98% of those people won’t contact you the first time they visit your website!
Research – eConsultancy 2014

Implications: Huge potential to capture more patients – This is our area of expertise!

3) People will visit on average 3 websites before making a decision!
Research – ConversionXL 2016

Implications: Make a compelling case of why you should be their medical practitioner of choice.

If you could convert between 1%-5% more patients per month from your website
what would that mean to your practice?

That’s a 12% to 60% increase in income a year!

Step 2 – Practice and patient analysis

We analyse your practice’s strategy and your patient wants, needs and key trigger points and value propositions. From here we re-work your marketing approach with you.

Step 3 – Website analysis

We undertake a website analysis taking into account:

  • Your practice’s strategy
  • Patient needs
  • Navigation and user experience
  • Website best practice
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Keyword analysis and copywriting
  • A clear pathway that allows users to take action
  • Modern, professional, clean and mobile friendly design
  • Efficiencies that may improve communication, save time and improve patient care
  • Reporting, benchmarking and measurement.

Mobile friendly website

From here we develop a list of strategic website improvement items that you can take to your website provider or you can enlist our team to help deliver. We test, measure and show you the results!

The result

More patient leads – The result is you have a website that provides your target audiences with compelling reasons why they should use your practice and not your competition.

In most cases we concentrate on capturing patient details and having an automated system in place to convert them into patients.

More patient leads

Step 4 – The next funnel – Email marketing

Once your website is set up and ready to convert we move onto the next funnel – Your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing is a tried and tested way to keep in touch with your current patients. They know you and trust you and importantly they can refer their friends to you.

We work with you to develop a range of optimised emails and database building efforts suited to your target audience and your marketing messages.

We analyse and take care of:

  1. Headlines
  2. Copy
  3. Artwork
  4. Messages
  5. Call to action
  6. Testing and sending
  7. Optimisation
  8. Measurement and;
  9. Constant improvement efforts

Email marketing

Your practice’s email marketing efforts need to be personalised, engaging, full of valuable and interesting content to increase your profitability, build your brand and authority in the marketplace.

We automate your email marketing efforts and measure, report and improve them to help you achieve your practice’s growth goals.

Step 5 – Paid Search Engine Marketing efforts

We look at your paid Search Engine Marketing efforts that lead to your website. What keywords from Google, Yahoo and Bing will funnel potential patient traffic to your website?

We develop and optimise:

  • Keywords and ad content to attract patients
  • Landing page copy
  • Landing page artwork
  • Budget
  • Quality score
  • Click through rates
  • Conversion
  • Return on investment
  • Measurement and reporting

Search engine marketing for medial practices

Too often I see medical practices spending money on a number of different advertising mediums and not optimising them to capture patients. It’s a waste of time and money.

Most of our clients have seen an increase of 3% to 5% in their click through rates based on our services.

Step 6 – Analysis of other marketing channels

We analyse your other marketing channels and marketing collateral to ensure you have a clear consistent message that resinates with your target audience.

 The Medical Website Solutions difference?

We use our unique systems and concentrate on optimising one of your patient sales funnel at a time starting with your website.

We supply the expertise, systems and know how to help create patient attractions systems that convert website browsers into patients.

Improve website traffic

Rather than chasing new patients, we optimise your marketing efforts and build your authority so that patients come to you – And we automate your marketing efforts, saving you time, effort and money using proven strategies.

Depending on your practice needs we can help you:

  • Design and develop a stunning website that your patients will love
  • Optimise your website so Search Engines and patients will find it
  • Make sure its mobile friendly and drives patients to your practice
  • Manage and optimise your Google adwords efforts to attract more patients
  • Look after your Social media marketing efforts to increase your reach
  • Optimise your Email marketing to increase awareness

We could help your medical practice:

  • Attract more patients = More income
  • Save time
  • Improve patient care

Improve patient conversion rate

Our results:

Most practices see a 5% increase in patients within 2 months of implementation.


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