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The 4 strategic functions your dental website should be nailing:


  • Provides a detailed analysis of the four strategic components of exceptional dental website design – (1) Maximising appointments (2) Saving time (3) Improving patient care (4) Reducing practice running costs
  • Article contains  1128 words – Reading time 3-5 minutes
  • This article is all about developing strategic, insightful and useful websites for dentists.

Article researched from over fifty Medical Practice Managers and owners in Australia by:

David DouglasDavid Douglas

Director – Medical Website Solutions | Head of Health Marketing.
Over 15 years of website and online marketing experience.

Dental Website Design Australia – Your dental website should be set up to:

(1) Maximise appointments

(2) Save time

(3) Improve patient care

(4) Reduce practice running costs


Did you know:

Up to 90% of your patients will check your dental website before contacting your practice?

“98% of potential patients won’t consider using your dental services on the first visit to your website.”

(1) Maximising Patients – What does your dental website design need to do

Our research shows good dental website design incorporates these 12 factors:

  • Inspire confidence in your skill as a dental professional

  • Highlights your strategic services and income streams

  • Be found on major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Meet the needs of your practice with the needs of your patients

  • Answers why patients should use your dental practice

  • Be easy to navigate around and find key information

  • Be modern, professionally presented with a clean design

  • Have a clear pathway that allows patients to take action

  • Is human – Show real life images and faces

  • Saves time, improves patient care and communication

  • Be usable and viewable on desktop and mobile devices

(2) Saving time – Dental Website Design Australia

To help save valuable time dental website best practice includes:

Having the following key information easy to find:

  • Contact phone number – Top of page right hand corner
  • Common sense main menu navigation – Home | About | Services | Appointments & Fees | Contact
  • Describe who you are – Practice ethos | Vision | Mission
  • What you do – Area of specialty and services
  • Why should patients use your dental practice
  • Who you are – Bios and images of your practice staff.

Medical website design

Your dental website design should answer commonly asked questions at reception and outline what happens before, during and after appointments. Having in-depth and easy to read information is key.

Tip – Keep your target audience in mind. Is it easy for patients to find, read and understand your dental practice’s website information.

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(3) Improving patient care – Top dental website design

To improve patient care on your dental website should consider including:

Providing detailed information about your dental services including what happens during the appointment and what action should be taken if any side effects occur.

1. It is important to outline:

  • Your approach and goals for patient dental care

  • Basic dental hygiene tips for brushing and flossing

  • Dental statistics about tooth care in Australia

2. Appointment reminders and follow up information:

  • When to arrive

  • What to bring

  • SMS reminders (if applicable)
  • Follow up information (if applicable)

3. What to do in case of an emergency

  • Supply relevant contact numbers

  • Information on what to do if a tooth is chipped or dislodged

4. Keeping your patients informed of

  • Their next appointment

  • Newsletter – The latest dental information and care tips

  • Email, SMS or social media communication channels.

Helpful information

Tip – Make your website’s information interesting, easy to find and readable for your patients.

“79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site.”

Source: Impact – Joe Rinaldi 2017.

(4) Reducing practice running costs – Website Design for Dentists

Our research indicated the following:

A website design for a dental practice may reduce practice running costs by incorporating:

  • Online appointment bookings
  • Key information upfront on all website pages – Contacts | Services
  • Frequently Asked Questions section to answer questions upfront
  • SMS Appointment reminders can confirm appointments and reduce wasted opportunities
  • Identify inefficiencies within the practice and addressing them on your website
  • Traditional advertising (newspapers etc) is costly – Leverage website and online marketing channels.

The aim is to decrease staff workload and streamline your practice to make it more efficient. For example:

  • Practice telephone calls can be reduced by 30% by implementing online appointment bookings
  • Having key information available online may reduce calls to your practice by an additional 10%
  • SMS appointment reminders can help last minute cancellations be filled by other patients.

Tip – By embracing and using online technology you can streamline your marketing and day to day tasks to allow focus on other areas of your practice or save on staffing costs.

Research: Medical Website Solutions 2018.

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Dental Website Design Australia – Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Adelaide | Perth | Darwin | Canberra

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