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Get the best results from your medical practice marketing?

How can you implement a proven approach to optimise your medical practice marketing?

Medical Practice Marketing Melbourne:
The demand for medical services is growing. A world wide ageing population, new treatments and innovative insurance solutions is seeing competition among medical practitioners including hospital systems, emergency, private practices and others intensifying. This situation is fostering an ever greater reliance on more sophisticated marketing strategies to attract and retain patients to your medical services.

Source – What’s critical to medical practice marketing?

It is critical to develop appropriate practice branding, raise awareness in the community and start building your patient list through local area marketing and GP referrals. You will need a professional website, online referral and automated (email database) marketing efforts. A combination of a sound medical referral network, an optimised, lead capturing website and local community marketing is imperative to your practice’s success.

Spending several hours per week performing IT, marketing or HR tasks moves you away from your primary goal of attracting patients and improving their care.

There are so many items to consider:

Graphic design and branding


Stationary and marketing collateral

Flyer, newspaper and magazine ads

Public relations

Local networking opportunities


Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation

Referral and email marketing

 Medical Website Solutions can help you deliver these items but….

What will give you the best return on investment for your marketing dollar?

Ask yourself – Where do potential patients go to find out about your services?

4 out of 5 Australians use the internet to search for health searches:

4 out of 5Bupa
Online Health Report 2014


70-80% of online searches in Australia are performed on the search engine…

Search engine use in Australia

Source:  Digital summit 2014 statistics


The internet and Google are the clear winners – Which makes your website your most powerful marketing tool.


These are the three questions that you should ask yourself:

  1. What does my website say about my medical practice?Medical practice marketing melbourne
  2. What would it mean to my practice if I could convert more of my website visitors into patients?
  3. What cost efficiencies could an updated online solution drive into my practice?

1. What does your website say about your medical practice?

Your website should make these statements on appearance alone:

  • Professional and modern – Make a great first impression
  • We take pride in our practice
  • We care about our patients
  • We offer you a great experience and follow up care

Smart Insights logoIf you have a tired looking website that is not mobile device friendly it’s time to upgrade and update. Why – Internet searches via mobile devices recently over took desktop searches  (If you offer patients a poor experience by not having a mobile friendly website you drastically increase the chances of them going to a competitor who does.

Research – Smart Insights 2015.


Helping patients make a decision:

Given the choice, patients want the smartest, most capable doctor available. But patients can’t competently evaluate the knowledge and capabilities of the doctor they’re seeing. This means they have to rely on other means to decide on whom to trust with their health.

How is the patients decision-making process is changing?

Bernadette Beach

Bernadette Beach

Here is quote from Bernadette Beach – Director of Indigo Medical Consulting Services:

“Practitioners who believe all referrals still come from another medical professional need to consider how Generation X and Y research and communicate. Gen X’s and Y’s are technically savvy, they use the internet and mobile devices to research health issues and help identify medical professionals they wish to use.”

Source from “The Private Practice” article – “Attracting new patients to your practice.”


How can Medical Website Solutions Help?

Medical Practice Marketing Melbourne – Medical Website Solutions work to position you as a leader in your medical niche. This is an extremely effective and commanding way to bring in new patients and win referrals.

Many factors come into play in the search for top quality care. The patient’s:

  • Financial situation
  • Lifestyle
  • Health insurance
  • Geographic location and;
  • Seriousness of their condition

All these factors play an important role in deciding where patients seek their medical care. Where patients have options, marketing is a key determinant on where patients choose to receive their everyday healthcare to major surgery. This can be achieved through educational websites, newsletters, webinars, blogs, seminars and white papers that outline how your medical practice communicates its services and standard of care.

Mobile friendly website



From a patients and your practice’s perspective here are the 10 items your website should contain to meet minimum standards:

  1. Tell them what you offer and what makes your practice unique
  2. Clear, easy to read and find contact information
  3. Some validation about your services – Years of experience and qualifications
  4. SSL certificate if you take private patient information via an email contact form on your website
  5. Easy to use and navigate
  6. Step by step process to guide people through your website
  7. New users section
  8. Ability to give feedback
  9. Have clear calls to action
  10. Benefit orientated copy and information

Our expertise lies in delivering these factors to set you apart from your competition.


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2. What would it mean to your practice if you could convert more of your website visitors into patients?

What difference would it make to your practice if you could increase your patient numbers by as little as 1% to 3% per month?

That’s a 12% – 36% difference to your practice’s potential revenue at the end of the year!


How do you make your websites convert more visitors into patients?Google

Firstly, your website must be found on on major search engines, most importantly Google. For that your website must be Search Engine Optimised. Over 100 factors must be taken into consideration when you look to optimise a page on your website.

Google now makes an estimated 500 changes to its algorithm a year.  These changes may affect your search engine positioning, website traffic and your practice’s revenue – Search Engine Land.

For Search Engine Optimisation:

Seek professional help – Our clients all feature on the first page of Google for their key services. 

Dr. Myran Ponnam-Palam“David and his team at Medical Website Solutions delivered an exceptional website for my fertility practice. Fast, professional service and great online strategy sees my website consistently appear amongst the top rankings in Google searches and delivers patients into my fertility practice.”

Dr. Myran Ponnam-Palam Visit


Now that your website is found on major search engines – What’s next?

You need to have a proven system in place to capture potential patients who are on your website. What’s the point of getting people to your website if you don’t capture their details and follow them up?


People will look at 3 of your competitors websites before making a decision – Hubspot 2012


At Medical Website Solutions we work to buck this trend. There are many ways we achieve this for our clients. We work with Medical_online_trendsyour practice’s strategy to set you up as the expert in your field so patients want to come to you. 

Your marketing should focus on what your patients really care about when choosing you. Focus on their frustrations, problems, annoyances, and confusion that they have when dealing with your speciality. Some may include:

  • Pain management
  • Appointment waiting times
  • What’s the step by step process they need to know bout your services
  • Post procedure care

Offer your potential patients something extra that is of great value that they must sign up for to receive. This allows you to build your database and referral network. Above all it sets you up as the expert and allows you measure the success of your website efforts.


David Douglas

 Medical Practice Marketing Melbourne

As a result of our services and expertise most of our clients see a 12% to 36% increase in patient numbers.

David Douglas – Director


Email marketingEmail marketing

Your current patients already know and trust you, so creating email campaigns that taps into your existing patient base is a powerful way to build your practice.

Building a database for any medical practice is important. Done well it can lead to more patient referrals, improve follow-up services, help retain existing patients and enhance your reputation.

Email marketing is also:

  • Low cost
  • Personalised
  • Easy to implement and
  • Quick to deploy 

At Medical Website Solutions our job is to ensure you receive a great return in investment for your marketing dollars.

If you are looking for more in-depth information about the features your medical practice’s website should have I recommend signing up to receive this comprehensive free 20-page toolkit:



“10 features your practice’s website must have to improve income and patient care!”


3. What cost efficiencies could your website drive into your practice?

Todays marketing must be measured by enhancing practice performance and streamlining operations. If you are looking to attract more patients to your practice you need to streamline the way medical referrals and patients find and use your services.

At Medical Website Solutions we optimise the pathways into your practice using our proven systems. We specialise in:

  • Defining and clarifying your branding and communication objectives
  • Targeting new patients and referrers
  • Maximising your referral base through effective marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Organising unique events to educate and demonstrate value to referrers and patients
  • We have first-hand knowledge of the medical practice challenges with years spent helping practitioners achieve their goals.


We help you deliver your marketing objectives through:Google_analytics

  • Branding and marketing collateral
  • Website improvement or;
  • Website creation and optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy, and Content Planning and Creation
  • Measurement and conversion


An enhanced website solution could help drive efficiencies into your practice? For example:

  1. Online Appointment Bookings –  Linda Osman Practice manager (AAPM) stated, “Online bookings now account for 40% of our total bookings at our practice based in Richmond. It saves up to 25% of our front office staff time.”
  2. SMS Appointment Reminders – Help patients keep their appointments and allow you to rebook cancelled appointments to maximise income.
  3. Automated email marketing – Significantly reduces the time taken to develop and send campaigns to attract patients.
  4. Website – Your website works for your practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure it is delivering for your practice.


We specialise in Medical Practice Marketing Melbourne.


David Douglas

“These strategic tips have proven very useful for the majority of the practices we work with.
If you have any questions please feel free to call me.”
David Douglas – Medical Website Solutions



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