Medical industry research and trends – Part 1

and the implications for your practice.

1. Medical costs continue to rise globally

This is leading to:

  • Increase in private health insurance costs
  • A rise in healthcare shoppingTowers Watson
  • Rise in health promotion and wellbeing programs

Towers Watson Research – Global Medical Trends 2014

Implications for your practice:

  • Patient/doctor loyalty is on the decline
  • Patients will shop around more for a doctor or health care provider
  • Opportunity to start or link with health and wellbeing programs

2. Changing patient wants and needs

  • Patients are educating themselves about their symptoms online
  • Patients want immediate care 
  • Patients want improved communication from their healthcare professionals
  • Patients want the latest treatments and pro-active care

Implications for your practice:

  • Patients are more educated about their symptoms
  • What are you doing to meet the changing needs of patients? 
  • Patients want improved email, text and/or phone communication
  • Patients want to know you are up to date with technology and medical education
  • Your website needs to deliver this key information and be user friendly

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Research from Forbes – “What do patients want from their healthcare 2013?”

Smart InsightsAustralian Marketing Statistics 2014

3. Website importance continues to grow

  • 84% of all business and medical searches are now done online
  • 85% of Australians access the internet via mobile devices
  • 90% of customers check your website before contacting you
  • 50% of customers prefer an online self service option – Growing trend

Implications for your practice:

  • Your website needs to be optimised for local online searches
  • Your website needs to be built for desktop and mobile devices
  • Does your website convey the right messaging to suite patient and practice needs
  • Patients need to be able to book appointments online
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industry challenges which way do you go?

4. The future patient journey
I need to find a local medical professional….

Step 1: Search for a medical professional online
Step 2: Choose a medical professional based on their website
Step 3: Book the most convenient appointment online
Step 4: Receive SMS appointment booking confirmation
Step 5: Receive SMS appointment reminder on morning of appointment
Step 6: Upon entering clinic receive a welcome SMS with instructions
Step 7: Follow up and proactive service email, SMS or phone call

5. Medical industry challenges:

  • Rising costs to deliver healthcare 
  • Change in legislation 
  • Need for more efficient workflow practices
  • Technology’s influence on health care
  • Doctors are not know early adopters of technology

Implications for your practice:

  • How will you best communicate your fees and services?
  • Change in practice mindset and training to embrace improvements
  • How could you use smart devices and apps to improve your services?

6. Your practice challenges

1. Attracting new patients – Maximising incomeWhats the plan
2. Why should patients choose you over the competition and keep coming back?

3. Reducing clinic running costs
4. Improving patient care and communication
5. Maximising marketing dollar return on investment
6. Increased competition – More GP’s and improved marketing efforts
7. Be noticed as a great practice manager

The individual challenges you face as a practice manager include:

Accounting                                Finance                                          Strategy
Legal                                         Insurance                                       Staffing
Marketing                                  Competitor analysis                       Planning

You’re very busy and time poor – The truth is:

Combine the above with the day-to-day running of the clinic and you have little spare time, if any…

a) Your so busy its difficult to find time to focus on business improvements.
b) By making the business improvements it could give you the time you need
c) You are not an expert in all areas of business management – So some help would go a long way.

Part 2 – Medical industry research and trends

This research is tailored to your practice and covers:

  • Your local competitors
  • Time saving initiatives
  • Reducing clinic running costs
  • Increasing revenue
  • Improving patient care
  • What do patients want from your website?
  • Why should patients use your clinic and keep coming back?
  • Technology – How can it help your practice?
  • Meeting industry challenges
  • Where do you start?

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    • Improved patient care
    • Maximise income
    • Vastly improve your online presence and marketing efforts
  • Find out what you must consider in designing a great website for your practice.
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