Increasing patients – Income calculator

Find out how much new patients could mean to your practice
and how to capture them.


GP’s – What would 3 more patients per day, per doctor mean to your practice?
Specialists – What would 2 more patients per week mean to your practice?

How to use the calculator:

Simply type the numbers into the calculators respective spaces:

  • New patients per week
  • Income per patient
  • Work weeks per year
  • Bottom line shows the potential income increase per year.

Example – A specialist sees 3 additional patients per week. Income is $150 per patient and they work 45 weeks per year = $20,250

The importance of new patients – The factors involved.

Here are the statistics and factors your medical practice faces:

1. 10% of your patients will naturally leave your practice every year. 
Why – They move interstate or out of your local area.Australian Bureau of Statistics.

2. A further 10% of patients leave your practice every year because of perceived poor service.
Why – They feel your services have not met their expectations.Fairfield Consulting 2016.

3. On top of that another 10% of patients leave your practice because they don’t think you offer that particular service.
Why – Many medical practices simply think, “We have brochures in the waiting room. They should know that we offer that service; they don’t.

– Healthcare Success 2019.

4. Increasing costs to run a healthcare practice.
Why – Smaller practices have higher per unit costs, whilst larger practice must attract more patients.ANZ Melbourne Institute 2019.

5. Increasing competition amongst healthcare providers.
Why – Doctor numbers in Australia have increased by 8.9% since 2005 and alternative medicine and allied health providers are seen as an alternative medical care choices for potential patients.  – ANZ Melbourne Institute 2019.

The most effective ways to attract more patients to your medical practice

The two best ways to increase patients are:

1. Referrals

  • Medical referrals from GP’s or specialists and word-of-mouth from your current patients.
  • Your medical practice should have a large network of providers referring patients to your medical services.

2. Your website should be an exceptional source of patients finding out about your medical services

Why invest in your website

Here is why you should invest in your website:

  • Your website is the one marketing tool that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 80% of adults use the internet to find a physician or treatment centre.
  • Using a search engine such as Google, 62% of all people click on the the first 4 natural or organic search results:
    • 31% of traffic clicks to the first position
    • 14% of traffic clicks on the second position
    • 10% of traffic clicks on the third position
    • 7% of traffic clicks on the fourth position.
  • 75% of people judge an organisation based on its website design.

Sources – Blue Corona Google’s Ranking factors 2019″.

Your website should be achieving results:

David Douglas

“Your practice’s website must achieve these three things:
(1) Look exceptional, (2) Perform brilliantly, 
(3) Deliver results.
Our examples below, show we work hard to accomplish that for you.” 

 David Douglas – Director at Medical Website Solutions | Head of Health Marketing

Website Results:

Load time: 1.15 seconds.
Google Page SEO Position: Ranks No.1 for 5 key services.
Monthly visits: Over 1000 per month.
Time on site: 2 minutes:15 seconds.
Conversion: 5 new patients per month (Over 50 per year).

Website Results:

Load time: 1.8 seconds.
Google Page SEO Position: Ranks No.1 for 7 key services.
Monthly visits: Over 500 per month.
Time on site: 2 minutes:03 seconds.
Conversion: Over 80 new patients per year.


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