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 Doctor Website Design – The 5 key perspectives for an exceptional website

(1) Strategy (2) Patient needs (3) Website best practice (4) Conversion (5) Being found on Google
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Article researched from over fifty Medical Practice Managers and owners in Australia:

“We deliver exceptional medical website design and online marketing solutions to help convert your website traffic into patients:
“Most practices quickly see a 12% to 36% improvement.” 

David Douglas Director at Medical Website Solutions | Head of Health Marketing

Website Design for Doctors
Your medical practice’s website should be delivering the following:

Save practice time

Reduce daily repetitive tasks

Reduce running costs

Streamline your practice

Increase appointments

Convert more patients

Improve patient care

Better communication

Doctor Website Design – This is what usually happens when designing a medical practice’s website:

Step 1 – The principal doctor or practice manager needs a new website or is looking to update their current site.

  • They develop the majority of information to put on the website.

Step 2 – They look around for someone to build it for them.

  • Compare a few quotes and go with the cheapest.

  • They pass on the copy they would like on the website.

Step 3 – A lot of to-ing and fro-ing later they get their website.


75% of people judge practice credibility based on your website.
Linkedin Statistic – 2023.

This sounds good but they have just potentially:

  • Set their website up to perform poorly

  • Not adhered to medical website best practice standards

  • Made it very difficult to find their practice on Google searches

  • Impeded their brand growth and trust

  • Impeded their practice’s income potential

  • Sent potential patients to the competition.

Websites for doctors - Poor design experience

 Web Design for Doctors

Exceptional medical website design is driven from these five perspectives:

  1. Supporting your practice’s strategy and day-to-day needs
  2. Meeting your patient needs
  3. Meets international medical website best practice standards
  4. Conversion – Leads the website user to contact you.
  5. Your medical services are found easily on Google.

Websites that are not designed taking into account the these five perspectives tend to perform poorly (e.g. high bounce rates, low time on site, low pages per visit and poor conversion rates).

Source – Top 15 Essential Elements of Successful Website Design – Mailchimp 2024.

“Your medical practice’s website must achieve these 3 outcomes:
(1) Look exceptional, (2) Perform brilliantly, (3) Deliver results.
Our team of digital marketing professionals aims for exceptional results.”

 David Douglas – Director at Medical Website Solutions | Head of Health Marketing.

Websites for Doctors – Design principals

An exceptional website design for doctors encompasses pleasing aesthetics, ease of use, engaging content and above all converting website browsers into patients.

There are many factors that affect the usability of a website. It’s not just about form (how good it looks) it’s also about function (how easy is it to use). 

Mapping out these steps is crucial to the success of your website.

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Web design for doctors - Needs an easy to read font choice

1. Your website should support your practice’s strategy

A medical practice strategy involves developing long-term actions that will differentiate a practice from its competitors and lay the foundation for success.

Your strategy should take into consideration the current position of the practice with respect to its capabilities and the environment in which it operates – Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Websites for doctors - Strategy importance

How should your website support your strategy

Your website should tell potential patients:

(1) Who you are (2) What you do (3) Why should they use your medical services.

You can achieve this by including on your website:

  • Years your practice has been in business

  • Academic qualifications

  • Membership affiliations

  • Years of medical experience

  • Present or past positions held

  • Speciality areas of expertise

  • Approach to surgery and patient care.

Your strategy may include a plan on how you attract patients to your website and how you capture, diagnose, treat and care for them whilst they are under your care.

2. Your website must meet your patients needs

Effective website design for doctors is based on the ability to connect, build trust and ultimately convert a website browser into a patient. This depends on how relevant your website’s content is to the end-user and their needs and wants.

Many factors go into making a potential patient feel confident about your services. It could include your years of experience, specialist expertise, location, accreditation, convenience, guarantee or appointment follow up service.

Websites for doctors - Can help patient care

Web Design for Doctors

To optimise your information – Map out your ideal patients:

  • Where do they live?

  • What income and education level do they have?

  • What detailed information are they looking for?

  • Why should they trust you and why do you appeal to them?

  • What problems are your patients looking to overcome?

  • What is their ideal outcome from your medical services?

Use this information to map out your website copy requirements

For example – If you’re a local GP and are looking to raise awareness of your flu immunisation program. The content on your web page should contain:

  • About 900 words with easy to read headings and sub headings

  • Images of children and older adults being helped by your friendly staff

  • How many years your practice has been helping the community

  • Useful flu vaccination information

  • Sign up to your newsletter to receive further information and notifications

  • Contact details for bookings and questions.

This sounds relatively straightforward. But, setting this page up to ensure you receive local patients is vital to having a successful practice. If you missed out having the names of your local suburbs in your website copy the chances of you attracting local patients is greatly decreased.

Web Design for Doctors
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Websites that (1) Look exceptional, (2) Perform brilliantly, (3) Deliver results.

3. Medical Practice Website – Your website needs to meet medical website best practice standards

a) Information layout

People want information from websites quickly. Website design for doctors is no different, so:

  • Make your information easy to read and digest

  • Organise information using headlines and sub headlines

  • Use bullet points instead of long sentences.

b) Typeface and font size

Use a typeface that is easy to read online and at least 16px in size.

Web design for doctors - Big font size needed

c) Colours & images

A well developed colour palette enhances the user experience and can make reading your website copy easier. Vibrant colours create emotion and ideal for buttons and calls to action. White space is very effective at giving your website a modern and uncluttered look.

Choosing the right images for your website can help with brand positioning and connecting with your target audience.  Consider professional photos or purchasing stock images to lift the look of your website. 

d) Navigation

Navigation is about how easy it is for people to move around your website. It must be logical and take patients on a journey through your website to the information they are after. All information must be found within three clicks.

e) Meet Ahpra Advertising guidelines

Your website must adhere to the Medical Board of Australia’s Guidelines for Advertising of Regulated Health Services.


f) Medical website best practice

We regularly look at local, national and international medical websites as well as your direct competition to ensure we give you all the latest information and trends in medical website design and services.

77% of people use search engines to research their symptoms and start their patient journey.

Source: Healthcare Marketing Statistics – 2023.

4. Conversion – Getting your website visitors to contact you

Working out the process of how potential patients find and use your services is vital so you can set your website up to deliver new patients into your practice.

Website conversion importance

A 1% – 3% increase in patients per month is a 12% – 36% increase in patients per year!

Most patients follow this 5 step process:

Step 1: Medical problem recognition – Preliminary research
Step 2: Information gathering – GP, specialist or other sources for diagnosis
Step 3: Evaluation of alternatives – What will work best for the patient
Step 4:
Commence treatment – Non-surgical vs surgical options
Step 5: T
reatment, ongoing care and recovery.

By mapping out this process for your patients and setting up your website accordingly not only builds trust in your medical services but allows you to provide key information at vital times during a potential patients key touch points. During these key touch points you have the opportunity to capture and follow up their enquiries.

The patient capture process may include:

  • Email sign up – Special reports

  • Tools – Ovulating calendars

  • Reminders – Flu shots, script renewals

  • Latest research or statistics

  • Case studies

  • Videos

  • Info-graphs

  • Online chat or click to call.

The more helpful your practice can be in solving a potential patients problem the chances of them using your medical services dramatically increases.

A web professional familiar with your practice, target audience, patient needs can help you increase income and patient care.
“Is your website building team undergoing this process to ensure your website performs its best?”


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5. Are your medical practice easily found on Google searches

Here are the statistics on searches in Australia:

94.56% of internet searches in Australia are performed on Google.

Source: Australian Internet Usage Statistics 2023

Below is the potential traffic a website receives in relation to the top 5 positions on a Google natural search

Source: Banklinko – 2023.

Google search results Average traffic share
Number 1 position 27.6%
Number 2 position 15.8%
Number 3 position 11%
Number 4 position 8.4%
Number 5 position 6.3%

Being found on Google searches

The art and importance of Search Engine Optimisation

The above table indicates:

  • The number 1 position on a Google search will potentially attract 27.6% of website traffic.
  • The number 2 position on a Google search means a website will potentially attract only 15.8% of website traffic.

Search engine optimisation can be highly useful to medical practices in terms of attracting potential patients.

There are over 200 factors that contribute to ranking a website for a keyword or topic. How this could potentially work for your practice needs careful attention and expertise. 

Exceptional results come from knowing

  • Your practice’s strategy

  • Patient needs

  • Medical website best practice

  • Conversion

  • Google search engine optimisation

Website Design for Doctors – If you have any questions

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