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2002, 2018

Two items that will vastly improve your medical practice’s website

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Two things that will vastly improve your medical practice’s website Improve the (1) copy and (2) the layout of your website. Why start with your website's copy and layout given: 79% of users only scan website copy. 16% of users read website copy word for word. Research by Neilson Norman Group [...]

109, 2016

Your medical practices website should be doing this in 2017

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Your medical practice's website should be doing this in 2017   A practical guide to improving your website to deliver great results... This article will address these three major topics: What do your patients want and look for on your website From your practice's perspective - What should you have on your website What [...]

1805, 2016

Social media for medical practices

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Social medical for medical practices ... Here's why medical practices shouldn't get caught up in social media - They don't follow this simple rule: If you don't have the time to do social media well, don't do it at all! However - there is one exception to this rule: And that [...]

1904, 2016

Medical websites

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Medical websites ...for $500, genius or swindle? David Douglas - Director Here is a situation that bewildered me this month! Medical websites - I was in a meeting with a new potential client to discuss their medical practice's marketing challenges and website's performance. Their major concerns were: The number of leads coming [...]

903, 2016

15 areas where most medical practice websites go wrong

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15 areas where most medical practice websites go wrong? and how to fix the problems... Your medical practice's website is all about managing your patients and practices expectations, reputation and credibility.    Your website is commonly one of your patients first touch points with your medical practice. Your website sets the expectations of your services [...]

2701, 2016

Website building guide for medical practice managers

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Website building guide for medical practice managers! Medical practice managers - You now have an easy to follow, step-by-step website building guide complete with cost estimates, questions to ask and what to look for*? "Planning and new website for a dental, physiotherapy, GP, chiropractic or specialist medical practice isn’t something you do every day [...]

1711, 2015

Medical referrals

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Medical referrals from doctors and patients - 6 reasons why they are drying up How to combat this trend Medical referrals - A good practice may receive around 65% of new business from referrals – Source: New York Times. Two of the most telling indicators of your medical practices potential success and growth are: [...]

1310, 2015

Email marketing for medical practices

By | October 13th, 2015|Tags: , |2 Comments

Email marketing for medical practices - 9 compelling reasons to use it and how to make it effective! Would you ignore an email from your doctor or healthcare professional?  Most people wouldn’t dream of ignoring a message from their doctor. So if your medical practice uses email marketing, you have a captive audience, competitive advantage [...]