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Cheap medical website design

Cheap medical website design ...for $500, genius or swindle? Here is a situation that bewildered me this month! I was in a meeting with a new potential client to discuss their medical practice's marketing challenges and website performance. Their major concerns were: The number of [...]

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The costs of not using your medical practice’s website effectively

The costs of not using your medical practice's website effectively Article updated August 2021 Here are the affects it can have on your practice and how to avoid them: Most medical practices have invested heavily in their website It makes [...]

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Two items that will vastly improve your medical practice’s website

Two things that will vastly improve your medical practice’s website Updated September 2021 Improve the (1) copy and (2) the layout of your website. Why start with your website's copy and layout given: 79% of users only scan website copy. 16% [...]

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