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Dr David Love – Orthopaedic Surgeon

Best Medical Websites

Best medical websites

Heather Gewin

Find out more about Heather and The Entrance Medical Centre GP Clinic

Best Medical Websites

Dr. Myran Ponnam-PalamFind out more about Dr. Myran and his specialist fertility website

Heather GewinMeet Heather Gewin – Practice Manager and at The Entrance Medical Centre GP Clinic

Heather’s reasons for wanting to build a new website:

The business case for having a medical practice website made perfect sense:

  • Improved marketing efforts regarding our wide range of services
  • Reduce practice running costs – Online appointments
  • Attracting more patients and income into the practice
  • Combat increasing number of competitors and their marketing activity


Heather’s major concerns:

1. “I was nervous” – “I had never been involved in building and managing a website before and I am not exactly technically savvy.”
2. “It can be confusing.” – There’s a lot of information out there about building websites. I did not a have a real concept about what we would need in terms of:
  • Hosting
  • Content management system
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Conversion and social media
  • Website best practice
  • Future website considerations

I needed to find the right website builder who could lay out an easy to follow process and plan.[/fusion_tagline_box]

3. Location concern – David and his team are located in Melbourne and we are located in central New South Wales. I thought there may be some communication problems.
4. Delivering results – “The team and directors were hesitant and not exactly open to the change – I needed to deliver great results and show a return on investment.”

The approach:

David and his team took us through a range of in-depth questions about our medical practice involving:

  • What would we like our website to achieve?
  • Our patient needs, wants and desires
  • What functionality do we want from our website?
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Converting web browsers into patients
  • Our practice’s services and ethos
  • Where are we now and where do we want to be?
  • Why should patients use us and keep coming back?
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Patient journey
  • Benefits of professional website copywriting
  • Future website needs
  • Social media – Is it right for us?
  • Website analytics and analysis
  • Website servicing, costs and ongoing improvement

The easy to follow plan:

Heather: David and his team delivered:


  • We have a professionally developed, stunning website that pushes our practice’s strategy
  • We currently enjoy one of the top three positions in Google on all of our target key words
  • We enjoy over 200 new users on our website per month
  • Our online appointment booking system is proving successful with 20% of visitors accessing the page
  • The website was delivered on time and on budget

We are looking forward to our first in-depth website analysis with David and the Medical Website Solutions team to see where we can improve our strategy and goals.

 Heather’s thank you email to us:

Hi David and the Medical Website Solutions Team,

Just a quick email to thank you for a wonderful job you have done with our website, and all the time you have spent problem solving and putting it all together for us.

We are grateful for your dedication in training, and taking us through this amazing digital era. We were confident all the way, and the experience has been amazing to say the least.

Our doctors and staff have embraced the changes, and have been talking to their patients about our new website and online appointments.

Again thank You !!

Heather Gewin JP Practice Manager – The Entrance Medical Centre

Dr. Myran Ponnam-PalamMeet Dr. Myran – One of the leading fertility specialists in Melbourne and Australia

Dr. Myran’s reasons for wanting to build  new website:

I wanted to help educate patients about fertility and build my private fertility practice :

  • Educate people about their fertility options
  • Simplify, empathise and connect with patients about their fertility experience
  • Showcase my 20 years of fertility experience and expertise
  • Improve my marketing efforts – Convert more potential patients to face to face consultations


Myran’s major concerns:

1. “Focus the business” – “I needed to make the transition from a public to private fertility specialist consultant. That meant focusing on my marketing efforts to attract patients.”

2. “Website education.” – What features and functionality are going to allow me to get the best help and return for my patients and the practice – I had to consider:

  • Modern look and feel
  • Patient needs
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Conversion and social media
  • Content Management System
  • Hosting and ongoing costs
3. Why use me – David asked “Why should potential fertility patients use you instead of your competition?” This made me really think about my service offerings and what patients really want. It drove everything we produced on the website.
4. Ongoing help – “After the launch of my website, how was I going to measure its progress against the goals we set it up to achieve and show a return on investment?”

The approach:

Dr. Myran: David and his team really took a lot of time to understand my fertility practice and patients by asking and analysing:

  • What did I want my website to achieve?
  • My patient wants and needs
  • What functionality did I want from my website?
  • On and off page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Conversion –  Website browsers into patients
  • Approach to patient care
  • What goals did I want my website to achieve?
  • Why should patients use my services?
  • Which competitor did I like?
  • Patient journey
  • Why use a professional website copywriter
  • What are my potential future website needs
  • Social media – Why use Google+?
  • How to use website analytics
  • Ongoing website costs and improvement

The plan:

Dr. Myran: David delivered a great project management plan that included:


  • I have a great looking website that reflects my ethos and approach to fertility
  • I occupy one of the top three spots on Google for my target key word
  • I have over 200 users to my website per month
  • The website was delivered on time and on budget

Dr. Myran Ponnam-Palam“David and his team at Medical Website Solutions delivered an exceptional website for my fertility practice. Fast, professional service and great online strategy sees my website consistently appear amongst the top rankings in Google searches and delivers patients into my fertility practice.”

Dr. Myran Ponnam-Palam Visit

Five star

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David Douglas“Our strategic approach to website design and online marketing has delivered great results for the vast majority of medical practices we work with!
If you have any questions please feel free to call.”

David Douglas
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